Hip Hop in Your Mouth: Fashions for Her

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You want clothes that are stylish. You want clothes that are comfortable. At Hip Hop in Your Mouth, we don’t believe you should have to choose between one or the other. Everything we make is made to look great. But it’s also made so that you’ll feel great while you wear it, too. Whether you want the right look for the yoga studio, sitting around your place, or anything in between, we’ve got it right here. 

Hip Hop in Your Mouth

A Crop Top for Everything in Your Closet 

We believe that style travels. No matter where you are, where you go, or what you’re doing, you can be stylish while you do it.  Our clothes reflect that, as they’re appropriate for so many situations. For example, we offer a relaxed fit Women’s Crop Top. You can wear it when you’re jogging through the park, but you can also wear it when you’re walking through the park on a date, too. We made these specifically to come in many different neutral or earth tone colors. So, you can find one that fits just about anything in your closet. Clothes for your life, wherever it takes you - that’s what you’ll find here. 


A Bikini You Can Wear in the Water, Again and Again 

We know that when it comes to bikinis, you have no shortage of options. Online, you can find just about any design, color, and style of bikini. Our bikini was specifically designed to be stylish, and personalized. Your style will come through when you wear this. Moreover, your style will come through when you wear this for a long period of time. See, this bikini was designed with an advanced heat sublimation technique. That's a lot of words to say that it won’t fade in water. The colors will be just as vibrant years from now as you are in it. 

Ultra Comfort, Ultra Wearability 

Your unmentionables shouldn’t be unmentionably uncomfortable. In fact, they should be the exact opposite. They should be as comfortable as can be. That’s why we’ve designed a pair of women’s briefs that are the apex of comfortable and cute. “Wearability” may or may not be a real word, but these briefs have maximum wearability. That comes from the 100% polyester, the two-sided fleece finish, the extra light fabric, and the soft elastic waistband. While it may not be scientifically possible to wear a cloud for your underwear, this is as close as it gets. 

Beyond Fashion and Comfort 

As of this writing, it’s November, and winter is either well on its way or already here. That means more time staying inside and staying warm. Of course, when you’re doing that, you don’t have to sacrifice any comfort or style. To that end, we offer a “hooded blanket.” This is exactly what it sounds like. Whether you’re curled up in bed, watching TV on a couch, or anywhere else, you’ll be warm, snug, and hot in multiple ways. To see all that we offer, head to our site. 


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